SPRING Troop Leadership SET

On Monday, Dec 4th we held our fall elections at the troop meeting. Congratulations to Tristan Collins, our SPL for the spring term! Also to our other scouts in leadership positions.

The spring leadership term runs from January through June. New troop leadership position holders and patrol leaders: mark your calendars for Introduction to Leadership Skills for Troops (ILST) on January 12-13.

Troop Positions

SPL - Tristan Collins

ASPL - Pranav Anil

ASPL - Ian Goben

ASPL - Nate Grim

ASPL - Max Lucas

OA Rep - John Casper

Webmaster - Guche Ikwu-Okoli 

Scribe - Milo Bennet

Troop Guide - Myles Lucas

Troop Guide - Ethan Stribling

Troop Guide - Micah Godfrey

Troop Guide - Jackson Williams

Chaplain Aide - Gabe White

Quartermaster - Griffin Brown

Quartermaster - James Lodes

Quartermaster - Carter Alexander

Quartermaster - Timothy Schull

Outdoor Ethics Guide - Connor Coberly

Outdoor Ethics Guide - Adriel Nunez

Buglers - TBD

Patrol Positions


PL - Guche Ikwu-Okoli

APL - Collin Chao

PQM - Wesley Hughes


PL - Noah Whaley

APL - Prajwal Anil

PQM - Gabe White


PL - Zach Nelson

APL - Adriel Nunez

PQM - Timothy Schull


PL - Nate Pearcy

APL - Myles Lucas

PQM - Griffin Brown

Arctic Wolves, Nuclear Ninjas, Kraken, Bacon Dragons - It's probably time to merge. With the last of the Kraken and Bacon Dragons aging out this spring and all of you busy with high school, it would be good to elect a PL, APL, and PQM for the combined group. 

Webelos woods 2023

Made from old pallets, the gaga pit turned into a mud pit later in the day after the on and off rain. We found out later, and just in time for the Tent or Treat judging, that the gaga pit was built over an old cemetery, and on a night just like Saturday, under a full moon, it was definitely haunted! 

The troop won the award for Spookiest!

Newest T157 Eagle Scouts

Congratulations to new Eagle Scouts Jason Giordano and Aaron Robinson. Both completed their Eagle Board of Review on October 18th. Jason is T157 Eagle #216 and Aaron is Eagle #217. 


UPDATE: Speakers & a K9 from TEXSAR will be at the 10/16 troop meeting, satisfying Requirement 6A.

For everyone that attended the Search & Rescue campout last weekend at Green Dickson, you are probably wondering what's left to complete the merit badge. There are a few requirements that you'll need to work on and discuss with your counselor, Mr. Moran.

One of those is completing an Incident Command System form for one of the two search scenarios we did on the campout. This PDF has the blank form, an example form for the first search scenario, and some notes on what happened in the scenario. 

spencer brown eAGLE pROJECT Signup for SEP 16

We will be expanding the parking area at Crane Cottage, on behalf of the Texas Chautauqua Association. Snacks and pizza will be provided. Volunteers are asked to bring water bottles, work gloves, and shovels. Wheelbarrows would also be helpful. 

When: Saturday, Sep 16 @ 8:30 am

Where: 710 Wonder Drive, Round Rock, TX 78681


Aaron Robinson eAGLE pROJECT Signup for SEP 2 & 3

We will be building benches underneath a pergola for an outdoor learning area. We will also remove the dead grass and add a perimeter so we can fill the space with rock and mulch. 

When: Saturday, Sep 2 @ 8:00 am - noon

  Sunday, Sep 3 @ 9:00 am - noon

Where: Blackland Prairie Elementary | 2005 Via Sonoma Trail, Round Rock, TX 78665 |

What to bring : Day 1 - Shovel, rake, pick-axe, hoe, bucket, gloves | Day 2 - Drill, mallet

* Pizza and donuts will be provided



The project consisted of tearing down the old horse ramp and building a new heavy duty ramp out of pressure-treated 2x12x14s, 2x6x8 lumber and deck screws at the Ride On Center for Kids in Georgetown where it will be used as part of the horse therapy program.

Fire lane painting

Thanks to the nearly two dozen folks that turned out to help paint the fire curbs red at the church on July 10th. Nearly 10 gallons of red paint in, and there will still be more to do at some point in the future. Turns out there is a nation-wide shortage of fire lane paint. Who knew. So, if you missed your chance to get some red paint on you, we'll likely have another sessions at some point. 

FALL Troop Leadership SET

Monday, May 15 we held our spring elections at the troop meeting. Congratulations to Jack Douglas, our SPL for the fall term! Also to our other scouts in leadership positions.

The fall leadership term runs from July through December. New troop leadership position holders and patrol leaders: mark your calendars for Introduction to Leadership Skills for Troops (ILST) on August 18-19.

Troop Positions

SPL – Jack Douglas 

ASPL - Pranav Anil 

ASPL - Hugh Bailey 

ASPL - Micah Godfrey 

ASPL - Max Lucas 

Troop Quartermaster – Connor Coberly 

Troop Quartermaster – Adriel Nunez 

Troop Quartermaster – Zachary Nelson 

Webmaster- Guche Ikwu-Okoli 

Order of the Arrow Representative – John Casper 

Troop Bugler – Ethan Fenske 

Troop Bugler – Ben Reed 

Troop Scribe – Carter Alexander 

Instructor – Jason Giordano 

Chaplain Aide – Ethan Stribling 

Troop Historian – Nikesh Pandeya 

Troop Guide – Nate Grim 

Troop Guide – Griffin Brown 

Troop Guide – Tristan Saeger 

Outdoor Ethics Guide - Myles Lucas

Patrol Positions

Atomic Hawks 

PL – Guche Ikwu-Okoli 

APL – Ben Reed 

PQM – Ethan Fenske 


The Hydra  

PL – Jackson Williams 

APL – Ethan Stribling 

PQM – Gabe White 


Screamin' Eagles 

PL – Tim Schull 

APL – Carter Alexander 

PQM – Zach Nelson 


Flying Squirrels 

PL – Tristan Collins 

APL – Hugh Bailey 

PQM – Nikesh Pandeya 


Arctic Wolves 

PL – Connor Kuntz 

APL – Connor Coberly 

PQM – Micah Godfrey 


Nuclear Ninjas 

Missing 50% for voting at 5/15 troop meeting: please discuss as a patrol and vote online. 


Kraken/Stormtrooper/Flaming Biscuit/Bacon Dragon 

Missing 50% for voting at 5/15 troop meeting: please discuss as a patrol and vote online and submit ideas for the merged patrol name.

Nate, Matthew, Matt, Jack (l-r)


Tuesday, May 9 the troop added FOUR new Eagle Scouts. Congratulations to the following scouts and their families and thanks to all who participated in the boards of review:

Order of the arrow ordeal MAY assembly

T157 was well represented at the May Ordeal with candidates and members serving on ceremonies teams and as Elangomats. Welcome to the Brotherhood of Cheerful Service to the new members.

Kayaking the san marcos River
May 5-7, 2023

Stay tuned for the Troop Historian recap.

If you have photos to contribute from the campout, put them here.

Some photos from the campout.

Order of the arrow call-out at 4/17 Meeting

Congratulations to the following for their election to the Order of the Arrow, Scouting's national camping honor society:


- Carter Alexander

- Pranav Anil

- Hugh Bailey

- Connor Coberly

- Nate Grim

- Matthew Hui

- Myles Lucas

- Hayden Muston

- Adriel Nunez

- Jackson Williams


- Mark Bailey

CAMPOREE - April 14-16

Spoiler alert - T157 brought home the blue ribbon!

going camping with t157?

Most campouts with the troop fall into the category of car camping -- you'll tent and eat with your patrol, we'll have the troop trailers and gear, and you won't have to carry your personal gear in a pack or canoe for the whole weekend. When we do those kinds of campouts, things are little different. The list below is what you need for a typical campout.


Pack your gear in a backpack or duffle bag. We're trying to get away from using footlockers for weekend campouts. Save them for summer camp. 


One last thing -- the T157 tradition is that if you go camping, at the Monday meeting after the campout you can wear a Class B t-shirt instead of the Class A uniform.