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Boy Scout Troop 157 in Round Rock, TX carries a long tradition of providing a quality scouting program for area youths. As part of the Chisholm Trail District, Troop 157 is active in the promotion and participation of many area scouting events including summer/winter camps, Webelos Woods, High Adventure, Cavalcade, Jamborees and many more.

Our troop stresses the importance of the camping experience with planned monthly camp outs during the fall, winter and spring. Every camp out includes a program that's geared towards the growth and personal development of our scouts. Not only do they learn skills which will help them throughout their lives, they have a whole lot of fun too!

Lastly, we are a youth led troop, so our scouts begin to develop leadership skills early on. Many earn the rank of Eagle; most go on to complete their college education; all of them develop friendships and positive memories that last a lifetime.

We meet at 7:00 PM most Mondays at:

First United Methodist Church
Family Life Center (near the west-most parking lot)
1004 N. Mays
Round Rock, TX 78680

Feel free to contact us at

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Troop Elections Meeting - Dec 9

Posted by bmoran on Dec 5 2019 - 6:53am

Troop elections are an important part of our troop operations. Twice a year we hold elections for troop and patrol positions. Scouts working on Star, Life and Eagle ranks need either four (Star) or six months (Life & Eagle) in a qualified leadership position in order to complete the next rank. All troop-wide positions count toward rank requirements as well as Patrol Leader. The patrol-level positions of Assistant Patrol Leader and Patrol Quartermaster, while important, do not qualify for the leadership requirements.

Dec Campout Details & Backpacking Tips

Posted by bmoran on Dec 5 2019 - 6:53am

WHERE: Lost Maples State Natural Area (driving map)
WHEN: December 6-8 (sign-up form)

Bamboo Farm & Veterans Day Ceremony

Posted by bmoran on Dec 1 2019 - 11:36am

The Bamboo Farms Campout was a blast. On Friday night, the trailer's key was left at the church, so we used the host's bolt-cutters to unlock the trailer. While this was going on, some scouts made a campfire.

Burgess Ranch Capture The Flag Campout

Posted by bmoran on Oct 27 2019 - 8:53pm

On the Capture The Flag Campout, we did many things other than Capture The Flag. In the morning, a group went out to help fill the deer feeders. We had to walk through a few thorny bushes, but most people escaped the thorns. Miguel Perez ended up with about 30 thorns in his leg though. The other group went on a 5-mile hike and got requirements signed off. Later In the day, after lunch, we played a hour and a half game of Capture The Flag. The campfire was well run by MCs Ryan Good and Brody Parks. The campout was really fun and relaxing.

Conservation Service Project at Lost Pines

Posted by bmoran on Oct 22 2019 - 9:15am

SIGN-UP LINK Signup on the Troop form and we'll register the troop with the Council. L.C.R.A. Lost Pines Scout Reservations (LPSR) was established in 1967. Since the first wilderness summer camp held in 1968 with patrol/troop cooking, LPSR has seen thousands upon thousands of Scouts come through its gateways. We need your help to keep maintain and continue conservation projects on “This Old Camp”! We have several one-day weekend service and conservation projects planned. Projects include -but are not limited to- washing and painting buildings, erosion control, tree planting, invasive species control, building and installing signage, installing flagpoles in campsites, repairing tent platforms, repairing wood pecker damage. The list is endless and will include projects at Camp Tom Wooten.

Brisket Fundraiser

Posted by Hunter Biegert on Sep 2 2019 - 2:48pm

Howdy Troop,

This is it! It's finally here! Our 34th Annual Brisket fundraiser starts NOW!

For those of you that are not familiar let me catch you up. Being in the heart of Longhorn country our Troop (scouts & adults) pre sell briskets for the weekend of the Texas vs OU football game. Since this game is played at a neutral location many people do not travel to the game and instead have parties at their house. This is where we come in; while everyone is preparing for their gathering, the adults of Troop 157 are up all night slow smoking briskets so the football fans don't have too. They can concentrate on getting everything just right at the house, and most importantly, they get to rest instead of watching over a smoker for 12-14 hours. Our supporters then come out on Saturday morning to pick up their brisket. Longhorn fans aren't the only ones that are wanting our briskets. Texas A&M (GIG'EM) also has a big game that weekend when they host Alabama, Baylor, Tech, and many others have football games that weekend too. Football fans aren't our only customers though; slow smoked briskets are a favorite of many people. Many of our customers purchase more than one briskets, portion them out then freeze to be enjoyed for several months to come. All proceeds raised from this fundraiser go directly to the troop. This is the only fundraiser we currently have that funds the troop. We use this money to maintain our trailers, purchase new gear for the troop (camp stoves, propane, climbing/rappelling gear, chuckboxes), and many other expenses that arise over the year.

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